401(k) Sources of Information

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This page contains sources of information on each of the six 401(k) plan functions.

I. 401k Design

II. 401k Administration

III. 401k Recordkeeping

IV. 401k Investment

V. 401k Communication to Employees

VI. 401k Cost Control

I. 401k Design

Question: Is It Legal for A Non-Profit Agency to Set Up a 401(k) plan. An analysis of when a 403(b) or 401(k) should be used by non-profits.

Why Mandatory 401(k) Enrollment Makes Sense. An article on negative 401(k) elections.

IRS Notice 98-52. Discusses safe-harbor tests that can be used under 98-52, allowing a plan to satisfy nondiscrimination testing requirements without testing for ADP and ACP.

II. 401k Administration

401(k) Compliance Made Easier-A Rundown of the IRS's New Approach. This article discusses the new Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System as provided in IRS Revenue Procedure 98-22.

Notice 98-1 Answers 401(k) Questions. Discusses how to perform the changes in 401(k) testing made by SBJPA ' 96.

Nondiscrimination Testing for 401(k) Plans. Discusses the changes in 401(k) testing made by recent IRS laws.

IV. 401(k) Investments

The Best Index Funds . This magazine's summary of the best funds.

Four Points to Consider Before Purchasing an Index. A good article on basic considerations regarding index fund investment.

The Best Mutual Funds. A Fortune Magazine article that discusses the best U.S. Stock, International and Hybrid Stock Funds as well Bond Funds, based upon performance over the last five years.

Participant Directed Investment Plans-Problems and Solutions. This article discuss fiduciary concerns and other considerations with respect to participant-directed investments.

ERISA Section 404(c): Shifting Fiduciary Liability in Participant-Directed Retirement Plans.This article discuss fiduciary concerns with respect to participant-directed investments.

V. 401(k) Communication to Employees

How to Make Your 401(k) Enrollment and Education Meetings More Effective. A short step-by-step guide to more effective meetings.

Take Control-How to Save Now for Retirement. A guide for employees on how to save for retirement through their 401(k) plan.

401K Education on a Budget.. Shows how employers can help employees save for retirement using their 401(k).

VI. 401(k) Cost Control

Department Of Labor Study of 401(k) Fees and Expenses A 72 page examination of 401k fees by the DOL as of April, 1998.

PWBA Looks At 401(k) Plan Fees. A summary of the findings of the PWBA with respect to 401(k) fees.

Latest 401(k) Data Lets You see if Your 401(k) Fees are Too High. An analysis of plan fees offered by 401(k) plans of different sizes.

401(k)Investment Selection. An analysis of 401(k) fund performance.

401k Plan Further Assistance

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