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Welcome to the world of 401k plans! 401k problems are not uncommon. If you are establishing a 401k plan, use our 401k Plan Procedures to determine the best program for your company. If you are reviewing your plan in contemplation of its improvement or replacement, use our 401k Plan Reviews. Employers needing immediate assistance should call us at 718-793-9885 or complete our two-minute 401k questionnaire.

I. 401K PLAN INFORMATION. Six plan functions must be addressed by all 401k plans. They are: Design , Investment , Administration , Recordkeeping, Communication with Employees and Cost Control. For your convenience we have provided the following information for all six 401k functions: 15-second 401k Summaries, two-minute 401k Overviews and 15-minute 401k Guides.

II. 401K PLAN APPLICATIONS . We have provided 401k Checklists for all six 401k functions. We have also provided a listing of sites where 401k Tools can be obtained.

III. 401K PLAN ASSISTANCE . If you have 401k questions, please complete our two-minute 401k Questionnaire. We have provided a list of Frequently Asked 401k Questions, a list of FAQ on Solo 401(k) Plans, an article on Design Alternatives and an outline of 401k Plan Services We Provide.

Our 401(k) plan website provides employers with some background material on 401(k) profit sharing plans. Since laws in this area are very complex, visitors should consult their advisors. This website contains no endorsements of any kind.


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